Thursday, April 19, 2018

NCAT 2018 Certification

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth?  Regardless of word count, this video (flown by Jack King and compiled by yours truly), certainly creates a powerful statement about the capabilities of our national Pavement Team.

Special thanks to the outstanding professionals of the NCAT facility at Auburn University for granting access to perform the first UAS flights over the Test Track that made this video possible.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

NCAT Certified!

Fresh off the test track in Opelika, AL, we’re proud to announce our team cruised (pun intended) through the certification process. Special recognition goes out to Ken Contrisciane, Vahid Ganji, Clark Jackson, and Jack King for passing the written and driving exams, and configuring our Inertial Profiler to pass with flying colors!

Stay tuned for upcoming videos from the certification process and the first-ever UAS footage captured over the NCAT test track.


Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Isn't She a Beaut!

SSI Inertial Profiler installed and ready for service.
We’re proud to announce the latest addition to our Fleet! Our brand new SSI Inertial Profiler (i.e. Rut Bar) is a welcomed complimentary solution to our existing Mobile LiDAR, LCMS, and GPR capabilities. 

Installation and testing are done, and we’re off to NCAT (National Center for Asphalt Technology) in Opelika, AL for certification.

Stay tuned for updates once we’re back from NCAT.


Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Real-Time Vehicle Trajectory

Our fleet of 4 Mobile LiDAR systems are nearly always on the move, and can be anywhere in the United States or internationally on any given day. With daily fleet activities averaging over 300 miles per day nationwide, resulting in nearly 7,000 miles of collections in the past 4 months, efficient productivity tracking and reporting is easier said than done.

Capitalizing on the previously un-tapped wealth of data produced by our field operations, our fleet logistics/tracking team developed a real-time solution to harness data from the on-board Positioning Orientation System (POS) to create a Real-Time Vehicle Trajectory (RTVT) solution. The single file summarizes each vehicle’s collections and correlates the systems’ position, GPS solution, attitude (pitch, roll, heading), and velocity at 1 second intervals for each sensor and camera initialization. Designed for transportability, an RTVT can be transmitted to our tracking team within seconds after collection, and enable near-real-time loading to interactive project maps and daily status reports.

The design of the RTVT not only supports our real-time production tracking needs, but also the needs of our daily mission planning operations as well. To effectively leverage the power of the individual RTVT files, the tracking team customized existing navigation software to thematically display RTVT’s that render user-friendly visual-cues that have ultimately increased daily production while decreasing costly “go-backs” and recollections.


Thursday, February 15, 2018

Throwback Thursday

Throwback to the December 1957 edition of Photogrammetric Engineering Journal.  Although we’ve grown out of our original digs in Rochester, PA and Jackson, MS, these offices live on with our Mobile LiDAR team in neighboring Moon Township, PA and Ridgeland, MS respectively.