Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pipe Ladder Animation

A few weeks ago, our Mobile LiDAR crew collected several roads around a heavy industrial area - including refineries and a railyard.  Adjacent to and above our survey area was a complex labyrinth of pipes, fencing, railroad tracks and utilities. Making sense of all of the data could be quite daunting if looking at the entire collection. Utilizing animation, I've been able to illustrate how clipping the information can yield a new perspective. The video is a simple animation compiled showing a pipe ladder that we drove under. All of the information depicted was captured in seconds. The photograph shows the pipe ladder as taken with one of the onboard cameras.

Note:  If you're not able to view YouTube videos and would like a copy,  leave a comment with your contact information.  Comments are moderated and your information will not be published to the board.

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