Monday, November 23, 2009

Target of Opportunity

Great Bridge Bridge

Some time ago, we were in Chesapeake, Virginia performing a collection and demonstration.  While driving, we saw a target of opportunity - the Great Bridge Bridge - and collected roughly 10 seconds of data.  There was no purpose for the collection, but after processing I thought it would make an excellent example for showing point cloud samples - given the joint in the split drawbridge.

Above, I've render the point cloud two different ways.  On the right hand side are point colorized by height/elevation only. There is nothing to differentiate one point from another as far as composition.  On the left hand side I've included the intensity of the return in the colorization.  From the intensity, you can begin to differentiate the striping, road and materials. Just as in traditional surveying where measured points will have an associated description, we can begin to see how intensity is used in point classification - more to come on that subject.

In addition, I've compiled a brief video of the bridge. Feel free to post comments and suggestions.

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  1. The name is not a typo. The bridge is known as Great Bridge Bridge. It is located in Great Bridge - an area within Chesapeake, VA.