Monday, August 9, 2010

How Well Did You Do?

Following up on the Name That Car Contest, I've compiled the cars that were depicted in the point clouds. Craig is the winner with 4 correct.  Some of these proved a little more difficult than others and for good reason.  Thanks to all of you who participated - even submitting into Friday morning. I've attached some of the images.  

#1: Ford Escape - multiple people identifying it as a Mazda Tribute (same car).  I had the luxury of a photo of the front - the blue oval is unmistakable.

#2: Acura MDX

#3: Honda Accord - Going old school with the old body style.

#4: Audi A3 - The front grill gives it away.

#5: Ford Econoline:  No body missed this one.

#6: VW Beetle:  Again, no body missed this one.

#7: Chevrolet Aveo: The one nobody got.

Something that threw me regarding #7 is how the plastic bumpers appear different than the metal body in the point cloud due to the various intensities.

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