Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Complexities of a Mobile LiDAR Survey

A few weeks ago, my fifth article for LiDAR News was published.  The article, titled "Complexities of an Urban Survey," discussed our recent collection of Charleston, WV.  The collection encompassed an incredibly varied urban and rural environment along 350 miles of public rights of way (collected in opposing directions).  Through project planning, we attempted to mitigate or minimize the known challenges we were going to face.  

The images presented in the article are shown below:

As the article states, we established control target layout for a local survey firm.  Above is a representation of a Google Earth KMZ depicting the control point layout.

Each SBET (sometimes a few a day due to weather) were exported to a Google Earth KMZ to perform cursory review of status.

Our Mobile LiDAR crew and Program Manager, Aaron Morris, provided an "Open House" to city staff and the media.
My next article for LiDAR News will be on the Position and Orientation System.  Should you have a topic to consider, leave me a comment.



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