Thursday, March 29, 2012

ASPRS - Presentation on Mobile Mapping

Baker’s resident LiDAR Scientist, Dr. Srinivasan “Srini” Dharmapuri, presented a paper on Urban Surveying using Mobile Mapping and its Related Complexities at ASPRS 2012 Annual conference in Sacramento, CA on 3/22/12.

The conference theme, Imaging and Geospatial Technologies – Into the Future showcased more focused discussions on various geospatial technologies including mobile mapping using LiDAR. Srini’s presentation conveyed the project life cycle for a typical Mobile Mapping/LiDAR project, and highlighted the key complex areas in executing project in urban conditions. The diverse group of international attendees included prominent individuals from the public and private sectors, as well as academia.

As Baker's resident LiDAR Scientist, Dr. Srini is responsible for application development, QA/QC methodologies, technical writing, improving processing efficiency and other related LiDAR (static, mobile and aerial) activities. Also presently, Srini is the Chair of the ASPRS Mobile Mapping Committee involved in arriving at the “best practices document for Mobile Mapping”.

If you have a topic for Srini to write about, please leave it as a comment and we'll include it the Ask the Doctor series.


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