Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hello World!

In the animal kingdom, whales are the mammals that can hold their breath the longest. I believe that after a tremendous spring, we are finally coming up for a short breath of fresh air. Our collection team has kicked off a record year with projects spanning from the plains of Texas, to the bayous of Louisiana, to the icy upper Mid-west, to the hills of the Blue Ridge, and the mid-Atlantic coast. Projects have ranged from small transportation corridors, to complete regions or metropolitan areas. We have collected on highways, in residential neighborhoods, off-road, and on the water – with the christening of a hydrographic survey vessel.

The collections have generated thousands of hours of processing for our team of technicians and analysts. We are simultaneously developing engineering/survey quality data for numerous clients, and supporting a myriad of product platforms employed by our clients including MicroStation design files and InRoads DTM’s; servicing others that require AutoCAD Civil3D products;, not to mention the generation of GIS deliverables in a host of Geodatabase models or schemas.

Over the years, we have developed the capacity to simultaneously manage multiple, challenging projects across geographies. After all, the act of a whale porpoising for air is only temporary. Before long, it’s back under the surface.


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