Wednesday, August 31, 2016

By the Numbers: Lasers and Cameras

  • 168:  The number of Megabytes of data created EVERY SECOND by each of our Mobile LiDAR systems when we fire the lasers and cameras at their maximum rates.
  • 150:  Weight in pounds of each of our 4 Mobile LiDAR systems.
  • 35:  Weight in pounds of each of the two onboard LiDAR sensors that comprise each of our systems.  The solid, machined-aluminum chassis of each sensor doubles as a giant heat-sink to dissipate internal heat generated by the sealed unit.
  • 2:  Number of hours it takes to transfer and test one of our Mobile LiDAR systems from its regular vehicle mount to our boat or UTV.
  • 1.2 Million:  Number of discrete laser shots each of our Mobile LiDAR systems is capable of generating EVERY second. 
  • 4.8 Million:  The astonishing number of measurements calculated by each LiDAR system every second.  Each discrete laser shot can result in up to 4 returns (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Last).
  • 5:  The number of primary camera units deployed with each Mobile LiDAR system.  Four cameras can maneuvered to a myriad of locations along the vehicle and can simultaneously fire up to 2 frames per second (fps).  The 5th camera is our Ladybug 360 spherical unit, which can fire at a rate of 3 fps.
  • 6:  The number of individual cameras that are housed in the Ladybug spherical camera system – software automatically stitches the individual images together for spherical viewing. The versatile spherical camera unit also produces individual calibrated images that can be used to colorize the corresponding LiDAR point-cloud, or loaded into 3rd-party applications (such as our Orbit WebViewer) for overlay of the point-cloud.

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