Friday, August 26, 2016

Picture of the Week: Orbit RGB Point Cloud

A couple months ago we discussed how we served LiDAR data in Orbit GT through the Baker Enterprise Architecture for Spatial Technology (BEAST).  Below are some images of how we are using RGB colorization in Orbit.  The colorization of the point cloud has evolved from using two cameras with our first Optech Lynx v200 system to the integration of the LadyBug spherical camera - revisit our post from 2010 called Coloring the Cloud.

The RGB colorized point cloud is seamlessly integrated with the LadyBug panoramic imagery after calibrating in Optech's LiDAR Mapping Suite (LMS) software.
Escaping the view using the panoramic imagery, the user can work directly with the colorized point cloud.
The blue points represent camera exposures that the technician can "step into" for feature extraction and review of the panoramic imagery.

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