Thursday, October 20, 2016

By the Numbers: Mobile LiDAR Processing

  • 18: Number different software packages we use to collect and process Mobile LiDAR data.
  • 1,000: Number of concurrent users that can access our LiDAR web-portal running Orbit Publisher.  Michael Baker’s state-of-the-art portal enables clients to interact with their LiDAR, imagery, and planimetric data without the need of expanding their own enterprise architecture.
  • 3: Number of primary LiDAR/LCMS processing centers in the U.S.: Hamilton, NJ; Pittsburgh, PA; and Jackson, MS.
  • 90+:  Number of domestic Michael Baker International offices our fleet of Mobile LiDAR systems supports.
  • 10:  Number of computers one LiDAR Technician can simultaneously operate to process data.
  • 5:  Number of Terabytes that can be transferred to our LiDAR Centers each day.
  • 100+:  Number of external hard drives in rotation between our fleet of 4 Mobile LiDAR systems and various processing centers.
  • 50-200:  Local capacity in available Terabytes at each of our LiDAR processing centers.  The local storage is only used for short-term needs.  Enterprise data storage processing is handled by our own private cloud (see Belly of the BEAST) which can handle up to 1 Petabyte of data.

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