Friday, September 28, 2018

Ellicott City Flooding Animation

As you read in our previous post Ellicott City Flood Modeling, we deployed one of our Mobile LiDAR teams to Ellicott City, MD to capture post-event as-built conditions.  In addition to providing the County as well as State of Maryland agencies with the high-resolution LiDAR point cloud and spherical imagery, we took the opportunity to create a visualization of the observed 2016 flood levels overlain on a current 1:1 scale model of Ellicott City.  The resulting video (see below) was developed to aid residents as well as County and State Officials in their comprehension of observed water depths and inundation.
Click image to view the flythrough video of the 2016 Flood Model 

To view other videos created from our Mobile LiDAR solutions please visit our dedicated Mobile LiDAR YouTube Channel.

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