Friday, October 12, 2018

"Mobile" is a critical part of the equation

An often overlooked component to the success of Mobile LiDAR is actually one of the most recognizable elements - and seemingly far too obvious because it's built right into the name -  "Mobile".  Without a vehicle (car, truck, SUV, UTV, Boat, push-cart, etc.), Mobile LiDAR systems are giant, expensive paperweights.

Regular vehicle maintenance is critical, but even then, mechanical failures happen.  An unfortunate (and costly) byproduct of continuously operating 4 Mobile LiDAR systems and criss-crossing the nation to capture tens-of-thousands of Mobile LiDAR data each year is the wear and tear on vehicle drive-trains.  And to be more specific...TRANSMISSIONS!

Nothing brings a successful deployment to a screeching halt (literally sometimes), like a failing transmission.  Unfortunately, we've had 2 of our systems experience transmission failures over the past 2 months.  We take pride in developing/implementing SOPs for virtually every aspect of our collection operation, but it's a bitter pill to swallow when you realize that you readily know the procedure for emergency drive-train repairs.

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