Thursday, October 10, 2019

10th Anniversary Team Reflections: Hunter White

I was first introduced to Michael Baker International during a career-day trip through my GIS coursework at West Virginia University. I immediately took to the company’s professional look, feel, and culture, and proceeded to immediately drop off my resume at the end of that presentation. A few, short weeks later I landed a position as a Mobile LiDAR Operator and was on the job the Monday after graduation!

I quickly learned my boss wasn’t kidding when he said I’d become a Road Warrior, because I spent nearly the entire first year traveling from project to project. But that’s what I signed-up for, and I wasn’t disappointed. From the hot summer months to the snowy winters I got to see some amazing places, but my favorite excursion had to be Washington, D.C. – my first trip to the nation’s capital and a personally-meaningful project on the Arlington Memorial Bridge and adjacent Arlington National Cemetery.
This year, with all-new LiDAR and Pavement equipment inbound, and several large-scale projects on the docket, I leveraged my collection experiences and demonstrated work ethic and jumped at the opportunity to grow with the operation, where I now supervise the field operations for our Pavement Management Solutions. I’m truly enjoying this role and feel very blessed for all the opportunities I’ve had with Michael Baker thus far.

Bringing this amazing ride full-circle, I had the opportunity this winter to host students from the West Virginia University curriculum that landed me here at Michael Baker. It was fascinating to take part in the event from the other side of the table. I got to share my experiences and take some resumes for that next budding crop of future leaders. The future looks bright for our LiDAR group and I’m thrilled to part of our continued expansion.

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